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Commonly known as the science of the 8 limbs, Muay Thai (aka Thai Boxing) is a stand-up combat sport which uses punches, kicks, elbows, and knees as its main offensive weapons, along with a variety of clinching techniques. Muay Thai is one of the most efficient and notorious striking martial arts in the world and its effectiveness is why it's the most common striking art in the vastly popular, fastest growing sport of mixed martial arts (MMA). The beauty of Muay Thai is that, although it is primarily a fighting sport, we've come to recognize its effectiveness for both fitness and self-defense.


To this day, one of the biggest misinterpretations of Muay Thai is that it's just a combat sport but it also cultivates important values that are rooted in rich tradition. It has the power to humble, discipline and inspire, which is arguably the most important aspect of any martial art. It instills in its practitioners many great attributes including confidence, humility and a warrior spirit. The art of Muay Thai strengthens your mind and body, builds self-esteem and promotes discipline. These qualities will no doubt help you unleash your greatest potential in all areas of life. 


A Muay Thai workout is unlike any other fitness regimen, as it works both the aerobic and anaerobic systems all at once, burning up to 1000 calories in one hour. With a strong focus on conditioning, Muay Thai is specifically geared towards promoting high levels of fitness and mental fortitude, strengthening mind and body. Muay Thai is the standard of a perfect total body workout and it's a fun and efficient way to burn fat and lose weight. Aside from getting you in tip top shape, Muay Thai enhances your self-discipline, increases stamina, improves cardiovascular health, helps coordination, builds your core, flexibility and overall strength. The full body workout that Muay Thai gives you will take your health to the next level. 




Your brain and nervous system produce endorphins and other chemicals to help you feel happy and calm after a workout. The cathartic dopamine release, otherwise known as the happy hormone, comes from punching and kicking the pads and heavy bags. This provides an outlet to release all of your stress, eliminates tension and elevates your mood. It's addictive.


Our Muay Thai program is based on a graduating system and is lead by one of the most knowledgeable and qualified instructors in Canada. Kru Yai Danny Fung, Owner and Head Instructor at Experience, has been training and teaching authentic Muay Thai since 1994. Our unparalleled class curriculum was developed by Kru Yai Danny and his classes are designed with the intention to motivate, inspire, challenge, and effectively progress our students with a focus on proper fundamental skills, with a structured and sequential learning methodology. Classes offer fundamental, intermediate and advanced techniques and focus on specific conditioning warm-ups, proper stance, positioning and a plethora of defensive and offensive techniques. They all serve an important purpose in your development and will help you elevate your Muay Thai to the next level. No matter your age, gender or fitness level, Muay Thai is for anyone who wants to better themselves and enhance their life. While most practice Muay Thai solely for the tremendous physical and mental benefits, there are opportunities for those interested in competing.  The Experience Team continues to be successful in competition.

Join us and Experience the benefits that will make you wish you would've started Muay Thai earlier.

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