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Experience Premium Handwraps

Experience Premium Handwraps

  • 180’’ mexican style handwraps made out of a stretchy cotton blend.
  • Elastic cotton thumb loop.

  • Durable and offers vital protection for hands and wrists.

  • Offers vital protection for the bones of the hand and wrist.

  • High quality stitching.

  • Perfect stretch for non restrictive fit.





  • Care Instructions

    For optimal hygiene, we recommend washing after every use. Machine wash cold and dryer safe. We recommend using a mesh wash bag.

  • How To Wrap Your Hands

    Experience Owner and Head Instructor Kru Yai Danny Fung demonstrates  how to effectively wrap your hands for Muay Thai (Boxing/MMA). In this video, he shows how he likes to wrap his hands for training and competition. Enjoy!

    Don't forget to Subscribe to his Channel for more videos! 

    How To Wrap Your Hands 


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