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Welcome to Experience MMA & Fitness - a martial arts facility like no other. We invite you to browse through our site and learn about the forms of martial arts and fitness programs we provide. At Experience, we pride ourselves in offering our students the best instruction possible. Each of our programs are customized to cater to the level of its participants and geared to help them advance to their next phase of training in each discipline chosen. Our proven formula has been designed by our chief instructor and is a reflection of over 20 years of experience from training, studying, and teaching the martial arts. 


Experience's Head Instructor is a Kru Yai (Assistant Master) in Muay Thai AND a Black Belt Professor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! Experience is the only martial arts school in the region that has the highest ranked head instructor in both disciplines! 


We are an officially accredited Muay Thai school under the World Muay Thai Council (WMTC), which is the only governing body for ensuring that instructors and schools offer legitimate and official, traditional Muay Thai. We are also one of only 14 schools in the world to have received the official "Thai Select" medal by the Thai government, which is an honorary commendation for our Kru Yai Danny Fung's achievements in the sport of Muay Thai.


We are also proud to be an official Alliance Jiu-Jitsu certified academy under the founders Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti (Atlanta, GA), Fabio "the General" Gurgel (Sao Paulo, Brazil), and Alexandre "Gigi" Paiva (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil). Experience MMA & Fitness represents Alliance Jiu-Jitsu exclusively in the Ottawa/Gatineau area, and is also known as Alliance Gatineau.


Both our Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lineage speaks for itself and our students can feel proud to be associated with such credible certified instruction, coming straight from the sources.


Our dynamic, progress-based class curriculums encourages personal growth and development for each of our students, emphasizing both physical and mental conditioning. Our skilled instructors strive to inspire students to see beyond their current potential and reach new levels of personal success by setting goals and achieving them.


Martial arts training builds character, improves confidence, boosts self-esteem and helps you cope with daily stress. Whether you and your family members are looking for a great way to stay in shape, or are particularly interested in learning the best forms of self-defense, we have the programs for you! Our aim is to encourage as many individuals and families as we can, to learn and benefit from the martial arts disciplines that are being taught at our facility, and embrace the lifestyle changes that they provide - which goes way beyond the scope of learning how to fight. 









Commonly known as the science of the 8 limbs, Muay Thai (aka Thai Boxing) is a stand-up combat sport which uses punches, kicks, elbows, and knees as its main offensive weapons, along with the art of maneuvering an opponent by way of clinching in order to handle them for a barrage of further attacks. With a strong focus on conditioning, Muay Thai is specifically geared towards promoting high levels of fitness and toughness, which are required for ring competition. The beauty of Muay Thai is that, although it is primarily a fighting sport, many people have begun to recognize its effectiveness for both fitness and self-defense. A Muay Thai workout is unlike any other fitness regimen, as it works both the aerobic and anaerobic systems all at once.


Our Muay Thai program is based on a graduating system. The curriculum was developed by Experience's owner and chief instructor - Kru Yai Danny Fung. Having been training and teaching Muay Thai since 1995, and been appointed to the level of Kru status in 1997, Kru Danny is one of the most knowledgeable and qualified instructors in Canada. Classes are designed with the intention to motivate, inspire, challenge, and progress our students in an organized and structured manner. Since the majority of students participate in classes for fitness and health, each class invites people of all fitness levels. And while 95% of our students practice Muay Thai for the tremendous fitness and physical benefits it offers, we also offer opportunities for those interested in competing. Experience Muay Thai has a  proven track record of success in competition.





Our Muay Thai Fundamentals classes are designed for beginner students wishing to learn the basics. Each of these highly interactive classes will offer you numerous conditioning exercises, along with the opportunity to learn the basic techniques of Muay Thai, which include punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. Training is led by our Kru Yai and the advanced students. Students are required to wear our official Thai shorts and bring their handwraps, boxing gloves and shin guards for this class (each item is available for purchase in our retail area).





The Muay Thai Advanced classes are aimed at the more serious practitioner who has a solid base and understanding of the skills necessary to perform each technique into various combinations and for longer periods of time during training. Participants must have passed an exam and attained their blue shorts to be eligible for advanced class participation. These classes place more emphasis on intense Thai Pads training, countering techniques and fight drills tailored for competition, and more concentrated heavy bag work. This class may also include some contact sparring and participants are required to bring their own protective equipment at each class.





Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling-based martial art which focuses primarily on controlling a resisting opponent in ways to force him to submit. Incorporating the Gi (Kimono), BJJ involves taking down the opponent, and using techniques centered around the skill of potentially submitting them through the application of joint locks and chokes.


BJJ has proven to be the most practical and effective self-defense system in the world, since it relies on leverage and technique, rather than size and strength. This allows a person to defend themselves against much larger and stronger attackers. As a result, BJJ is a great sport for everyone – including women and kids.


It is also one of the fastest-growing martial arts, because of its great success in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Due to the fact that control is generally easier on the ground than in a standing position, the BJJ practitioner will generally focus his intentions on getting into a position which will force his opponent or attacker to submit via submission, rendering a finish to a fight or altercation, rather quickly.


Our BJJ classes offer an intense aerobic and anaerobic workout. As such, students benefit from an increase in overall health and physical fitness, problem-solving ability, self-knowledge of their body and mind, along with the many social benefits of working within a large group of like-minded fellow students that are training and having fun together - all while learning the most efficient martial art in existence.





This is our beginner jiu-jitsu course which is designed for students with absolutely no prior experience and for those who are just starting out. These classes are open to new students and white belts only and are of smaller size to ensure that each student receives the proper attention during each class. 


The class structure focuses solely on the basic body movements, positions, submissions, escapes, and self-defense techniques - taught in a very slow and methodological format with the BEGINNER in mind. Furthermore, essential mechanics of the most used warm-up exercises in jiu-jitsu are also covered in greater detail for every new student to gain a good understanding of these important movements. These classes will also aid in improving your fitness, balance, and coordination.


Every great journey should start with a strong foundation. And learning the world's most efficient form of self-defense is no different. This class lays the perfect starting point for every new student before reaching the next level.


One of the biggest shortcomings of many jiu-jitsu academies lies with the lack of any structured learning system. Our unique curriculum was designed to establish a solid foundation and understanding of the principles and concepts of this amazing martial art in a fun, safe, and cooperative environment.


Students get to learn new techniques and positions in a gentle and protracted manner. The program's duration is eight to twelve weeks (based on the students' attendance and progress) and covers everything needed to advance within our Fundamentals program.





Our Fundamentals Jiu-Jitsu program lays the foundation required for each student to move into our Advanced classes.


Our curriculum is designed to effectively work all of the essential techniques and positions that produce high-level practitioners of the art. It also serves to allow advanced students, who are detail-oriented, improve their jiu-jitsu. The goal of this program is to create a solid understanding of the art, its positions, and techniques, and begin to help intermediate and advanced students perfect their craft.


Aside from the unparalleled structure and organization of the curriculum, what makes our system unique is the way in which we present the techniques. 


And at the end of each class, students get a chance to test each position and techniques learned in a variety of safe and controlled settings, using our systematic approach.


At Experience MMA & Fitness, we don't just teach people how to fight, we give people the confidence so they never need to.





The Advanced classes are for students wanting to evolve their jiu-jitsu to the next level. This class focuses mainly on the competition aspect of the sport and is geared toward getting our competitors ready for tournaments. It includes hands-on coaching that will help each student find and develop their personal jiu-jitsu style. 


These classes focus entirely on faster drilling and conditioning sessions and include more complex positional study, as well as longer sparring sessions. Our unique lesson plans are organized into a systematic approach so that students can focus on each positional elements during their weekly training sessions, which makes progress quicker.


Although the class format is designed for competitors, it is not exclusive. It is also open to all Blue Belt (or higher) interested in elevating their jiu-jitsu training.



Our No-Gi Submission Grappling program offers both fundamental and advanced techniques and is designed to help students apply the foundational principles of Jiu-Jitsu in a No-Gi context. Students will have the opportunity to learn the same modern Jiu-Jitsu techniques thaught in the Gi programs but learn how to adapt them to No-Gi situations. Our program entails wrestling; positional controls; defensive techniques; submissions; and leg locks. Since this class is formulated for those with an already solid grasp of the fundamentals of Jiu-Jitsu, this program is reserved for intermediate and advanced practitioners. Students must wear the Experience No-Gi uniform to participate in this class. 











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